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Reiki Therapy


ClearsConscious,Subconscious and Unconscious Beliefs and Patterns:

Tailored clearing and activations facilitate profound
transformation and growth at all levels of consciousness.


Balances Energy and Chakra Systems:

Restore harmony and balance to the body's energy systems and chakra centers, promoting holistic well-being and alignment.

Emotional Release and Healing:

Facilitates the release of pent-up emotions, fostering emotional healing and resilience.

Couple Hugging

Stress Reduction:

Alleviates tension and promotes relaxation, providing relief from stress and cultivating a sense of calm.

Improved Sleep:

Promotes restful and rejuvenating sleep patterns for deeper rest and restoration.

Couple Relaxing On Sofa
Energy Healing

Amplified Energy:

Enhances vitality and stamina, igniting enthusiasm for life.

Increased Awareness:

Cultivates greater self-awareness and clarity in thought and action.

Back Pain Treatment

Pain Management Assistance:

Provides natural relief from discomfort, promoting overall comfort.

Boosted Creativity:

Inspires new ideas and perspectives for personal and professional growth.


Elevated Mood:

Nurtures a positive outlook and enhances resilience in facing challenges.

Endless Benefits:

The benefits of the Vibrational UPgrade™ System are endless, supporting holistic wellness and transformation on all levels.


In addition to individual sessions, I also offer clearing services for the home, office and land. These clearings help to remove negative energy, create harmonious environments, and promote overall well-being Let’s discuss a treatment plan that will Clear the Way to your pathway to endless possibilities.

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